Hubble Hugo Full HD Monitor Camera with Alexa Features Smart Home Assistance
Hubble Hugo Full HD Monitor Camera with Alexa Features Smart Home Assistance
Hubble Hugo Full HD Monitor Camera with Alexa Features Smart Home Assistance
Hubble Hugo Full HD Monitor Camera with Alexa Features Smart Home Assistance
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Hubble Hugo Full HD Monitor Camera with Alexa Features Smart Home Assistance

Full HD Camera
Hugo can take quality photos and record videos with 32GB memory extension. Mimicking a motorized eyelid, the camera can either capture your movements or close for privacy protection.
Remote Monitoring
The Hugo app supports live streaming with two-way audio. You can talk to your loved ones from afar as well as monitor your baby, elderly and pets in a 270-degree field of vision, even at night.
Home Automation
Certified by Amazon “Alexa built-in”, Hugo responds to your commands and manages hundreds of third-party Alexa-compatible smart devices. All you need to do is talk directly to Hugo, and you can enjoy a hands-free lifestyle.
Daily Assistance
Hugo helps streamline your personal routine and workflow. You can access the ever-evolving skills of Amazon Alexa, from setting alarms to playing music to requesting translation, and power up your productivity.
Skill Enhancement
Hugo skill allows you to empower the camera with facial recognition. You can then have Hugo track an identified family member and take a photo of him or her by saying it out.

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· Hugo is a cameraman robot with a 1080p HD camera and a full 360-degree field of vision with two-way audio and built-in full voice-activated Alexa capabilities.

· Hugo is your favorite parenting partner and family companion. It watches over your baby from afar and captures precious
baby milestones and plays soothing sounds & lullabies. As your child grows, Hugo grows with them, using Alexa to access a
variety of kids skills sets and entertainment including age-appropriate stories, music and games.

· As a smart home robot, Hugo manages your daily routines, applications as well as the connected devices through voice control.

· Facial recognition enables Hugo to identify individual members of the family. Hugo knows people and is polite enough to have "eye contact" when talking.

· Hugo is capable of updating via WIFI connection. It is always learning.

· The App on compatible Android or iOS devices is required for setup and watching video remotely.

· Total privacy is ensured with motorized eyelid to cover the camera and with disabling microphones via a touch sensor.

· There are some Alexa features Hugo will not support like Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, etc.

· Besides English, Hugo expands to multi-languages. Early customer feedback is welcome for the languages, such as Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Italian and more.



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    In which countries is Hugo available?
    Hugo is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
    What languages does Hugo support?
    Hugo is currently an English robot. We are working toward supporting multiple languages, including Spanish, German, Japanese, French, and more.
    What's Hugo’s warranty?
    Hugo comes with a 12-month warranty coverage, which begins on the date when it is shipped.
    Why do I need the Hugo app? Where can I download it?
    The Hugo app is required to set up the robot and pair with your Amazon account. It is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.
    How do I set up Hugo?
    As a WiFi-connected device, Hugo requires stable and quality Internet connection to work well. To set Hugo up, please make sure that you are in a close range of your WiFi router and follow the instructions below:
    • Open the Hugo App, register with your username and password, and confirm your email address.
    • Turn on Hugo and wait until a voice prompt.
    How come my Hugo isn’t connected to WiFi?
    When Hugo is not connected to your WiFi, its power LED on the front will be flashing. Hugo only supports 2.4GHz WiFi band with DHCP, while some old WiFi protocols, such as WEP, are not supported. A WiFi router sometimes needs a reboot to allocate IP address properly. A simple way to get Hugo online is to use a mobile phone with data service as a hotspot. Use QR code to tell Hugo the hotspot SSID and password. It should quickly get Hugo online.
    How do I reset Hugo?
    Find the aperture at the very bottom of your Hugo, and use a needle to press it for eight seconds. Hugo will be reset to factory condition automatically. The process takes up to two minutes. Once reset, it will have to get connected to WiFi and to pair with an Amazon account again.
    How do I interact with Hugo?
    Hugo features the Alexa built-in smart voice interactive system, which enables interactions every time you ask Alexa to play music, tell schedule, set timers, etc.
    How do I monitor my home via Hugo?
    Use the Hugo app the view images up to 1080P quality. Hugo supports IPcam, which allows to you monitor home from anywhere in the world. Two-way voice over IP (VoIP) is also supported.
    What is face tracking?
    When Hugo is talking, it looks at your face and follows you.
    What is facial recognition?
    Hugo has edge AI for facial recognition. It recognizes up to 500 persons locally without sending any data outside your home.
    Does Hugo have night vision?
    Yes, it does. The IR light source is at the bottom of the robot with a black window. Please make sure that nothing is blocking it for night usage.
    How is my privacy protected?
    Your privacy is our top priority. The touch sensor on the top of the robot head allows you to disable microphones completely. Hugo has a motorized eyelid that covers the camera and opens its eye only when activated by your voice or in IP cam mode.

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