HUGO Robot


A multifunctional Robot with Voice Assistant Features (Alexa™)

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Robot companionship makes your life smart and easy with an artificial intelligence system.
Helpfulness on a daily routine is surcharged for your home and business.
A lot of fun and a lot of joy.
Keep your home, family, and baby-safe, yet privacy still protected.
Create a smart home ecosystem with thousands of skills.

HUGO Makes Your Home Smart

Control Smart Home with Voice

Hands-free smart home lifestyle. You can pair HUGO with hundreds of 3rd party Alexa-enabled smart home devices such as lights, switches, TVs, fans, security systems, and more. Turning on lights, changing temperature, connecting to your favorite services, all become so easy by talking to HUGO.

  • Control lighting 
  • Set heating and cooling
  • Control locks, cameras, and home security
  • Set up TVs, projectors, and music and sound systems
  • Initiate vacuum cleaning
  • Switch on/off the plugs in your house
  • Set up network and WiFi
  • Control chargers of all your devices
  • Control printers, copiers, and many other devices

HUGO Serves You as a Voice Assistant

Service for home and business

Need voice service? Here you go. You can set timers, make appointments, check the weather, request a translation, and perform many other activities with HUGO.

  • Leave a message
  • Set timers and alarms
  • Check calendars and reminders
  • Get everyday info such as weather and news
  • Make shopping and to-do lists 
  • Play games and have fun by using Alexa Skill Blueprints
  • Listen to your favorite music and audiobooks
  • Find movies and events
  • Translate your word into multiple languages

HUGO Will Watch Over Your Baby

HUGO is your favorite parenting partner and family companion

Keep tabs on your baby 24/7 when you are busy cooking or doing laundry. The connection is highly secured, and the video content cannot be intercepted or decoded.

  • 360-degree field of vision
  • Night vision
  • Take quality photos
  • Record videos to internal memory
  • Deliver real-time video streaming
  • Play soothing sounds & lullabies
  • Use the HUGO APP to talk with your baby via the intercom
  • Protect your privacy throughout 

HUGO is a Robot with Artificial Intelligence

HUGO robot is here for you

HUGO is an Amazon Alexa certified robot with built-in Alexa Voice Service and a full HD camera that mimics motorized eyelid for privacy protection.

  • Motion Detection
  • "Eye contact" with users
  • Motorized head and eye
  • Animated LED array showing emotions
  • Availability in multiple languages
  • Facial recognition that identifies individual family members for personal attention
  • Access to education resources
  • Touch sensors for privacy controls

What's inside HUGO?

  • Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 CPU with Mali GPU - supporting many edge computing features.
  • Five-lens 110 Degree HD (1080P) Camera and Dedicated ISP Chip, 270 Degree Rotation and Night Vision - so she knows what's around.
  • Front-end Machine Vision (without going to the cloud for privacy reasons) - up to 500 people recognized.
  • 4 High-Grade Motors - allowing her to turn fast quietly.
  • Far-Field Microphones Arrays - easy to chat with natural speech recognition.
  • Touch Sensors - controls volume and privacy mode which turns off microphones completely.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Connection - independent yet connected, more Over-the-Air (OTA) updates for new features will come.
  • Micro-LED Array Display Panel - reflect status often with a smile.
  • Motorized Eyelid - no exposed camera for privacy consideration.
  • MicroSD Card Slot - up to 32GB extension for recording more videos.
  • 2000mAH Li-ion Battery - safe and up to 80 minutes of operation without power.

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