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Revolutionizing OCR for Real-World Challenges

In the vast landscape of OCR solutions, there often lies a gap between promise and performance. This is a story about how emerged to bridge that gap, becoming the go-to OCR service for real-world challenges.

Our journey began with a business partner, a mid-scale repair center nestled in the heart of Missouri. Specializing in processing returned products from major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Ebay, they encountered a recurring issue – the printed tags on these packages often wore out during shipping, rendering the text nearly illegible.

This posed a significant problem as approximately 50% of the crucial information on these tags required manual input into their ERP system. Human staff had to decipher the worn-out prints, leading to inefficiencies and errors in their operations. Frustrated with the limitations of existing OCR solutions, our partner embarked on a quest for a tool that could truly meet their needs.


Originally developed with a focus on handwriting OCR, stood out from the competition. Its performance on wear-out prints exceeded expectations, providing accurate results where other OCR options had faltered. This breakthrough was a game-changer for our partner's repair center, significantly reducing the reliance on manual input and streamlining their processes.

What sets apart is not just its ability to tackle challenging prints but its versatility. The tool goes beyond conventional OCR by supporting math equations – a feature that proved to be invaluable for students looking to convert handwritten in-class notes into a digital format seamlessly.

Our commitment to innovation and addressing real-world needs has propelled to become the best OCR service on the market. Today, we invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Head to and discover the power of OCR done right.

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Moorebot Team Jan 11, 2024

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