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Moorebot Scout E

AI-powered Tiny Robot for Indoor and Outdoor Monitoring and Exploring

Scout E is a security robot for intelligent monitoring. Equipped with many advanced sensors and AI algorithms, Scout E is an ideal assistant for indoor and outdoor monitoring with no blind spot. Its capabilities include object recognition, and voice control via Amazon Alexa.


Scout E is a Smart Camera on Wheels

Monitor inside and outside your home while away and see into every corner with no blind spot from anywhere. 1080 FHD camera with recording, 2 way audio, Night vision

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Multi-scene use

Scout E can now be used in various indoor and outdoor scenes, such as carpets, slopes, lawns, gravel, etc.

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Setup Patrol Path

Patrol along preset paths and send alerts to your phone. AI-based human and pet recognition with intelligent navigation.

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You can custom program Scout to do a wide range of tasks and activities

Custom program to let the robot do more for you. “Scratch” is supported for kids to learn robot programming. Scout is an open-source project. Experienced robot lovers can develop with C coding and use 3D printing to add extension tools

Graphical Scratch for kids to learn robot programming

Open source for experienced robot lovers

Design and 3D-print extension tools, dramatically increase the robot’s ability