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Zeus Robot

Moorebot Zeus is designed for robot lovers to assemble the robot on their own. Assembly menu and video tutorial are provided. The product includes mechanical parts, servo motors, battery, adaptor, CPU board and Bluetooth module, remote controller, USB connector and assembly tools. The mechanical parts include 432 screws, 28 connectors, 134 joint parts, and 30 armor parts


22 servo motors for more flexible and agile! Able to up to 10 servo motors for control the hands

Full programmable Robot! Allow you to work with real hardware and AI

Real-time control for a full and precise handle in combat

Open platform for customized movements and advanced development

Customized Armor as you wish, use 3D printer for create new outfit for any parts of robot

STEM Direction

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Engineering Education

Introducing kids to engineering in childhood brings a host of benefits in the future

Design / Assembling /Programming / Tuning

Get more skills and knowledge. Design, planning, creating. Analyzing and interpreting, scientific experience, problem-solving, critical analysis and creativity


Moorebot Zeus is a fighter robot specifically designed for robot competition. The standard configuration is comprised of 22 servo motors at 25 kg force each . The maximum movement speed can be up to 150m/s. All servo motors are metal-geared to sustain heavy forces. Customized battery supports up to 50 minutes of fighting.

The product comes with many standard movements, with additional graphical programming tools for users to customize more movements. From boxing, to Kongfu, to Taekwando, to Karate, unleashing imagina-tion is in the palm of your hand. Mechanical design files are available for users who want to customize the robot armor with 3D printing. The robot is dustproof. With Moorebot Zeus, robots fight to a new level!

Moorebot Zeus Hight: 45 cm (17.7 inches) Weight: 2.3 kg Movement Dimensions: 22 Motors: Made in Japan, 25 kg torque Battery: 2 X 2500 mAh lithium battery Armor: 30 armor parts which allows user to design and to 3D print their own cool armors.


44 cm x 32 cm x 19 cm
(17.3" x 12.6" x 7.5", German made customized casing)

Remote Control

support up to 80 movements Shipment options:
    un-assembled parts
    assembled robot


Moorebot Zeus has multiple sensors and 10 extension, suitable for customized programming. Standard movements for walking, push up, back roll, and climbing stairs are included at purchase.

Moorebot Zeus is designed for robot lovers to design their own moves. From boxing, to Kongfu, to Taekwando, to Karate, unleashing imagination is in the palm of your hand. Graphical programming tool for Windows is available. Each motor can be individually controlled via programming tool for speed and rotate angles.

Programming Tool: Players can customize programming, Select the USB debugger switch to the robot option, connect the robot and debugger port with the servo debug line, insert the debugger into the USB interface of the computer, and start the robot programming software. The following figure shows the start-up Interface, in which the robot is pro-grammed with actions to add different gestures.

Programming Guide:

Please visit our YouTube channel for detailed information:

Customized Armor

AutoCAD mechanical design files are available at purchase. It allows user to design and to 3D print their own cool armors.

Are You Ready For a Robot?

Moorebot Zeus is an ideal tool for users to learn design and programming. It also serves as an entertaining gadget for event planning and other suitable scenarios. Finally, it is a professional robot designed for a robot competition