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User Mannual

1. English_V6.0 (.pdf, 1.28MB)

2. French_V6.0 (.pdf, 1.24MB)

3. German_V6.0 (.pdf, 1.23MB)

4. Italian_V6.0 (.pdf, 1.21MB)


3D Print

Scout Track 3D (.rar, 16.44MB)

Dozer 3D (.stl, 2.64MB)

Laser 3D (.stl, 3.12MB)

Cat Wand 3D (.stl, 3.8MB) 

New Cat Wand 3D (.stl, 722.68KB)

Plate 3D (.stl, 3.85MB)

New Plate 3D (.stl, 2.48MB)

Bumper for all model 3D (.stp, 636.45KB)

Bump Safe (.zip,1.31MB)


Moorebot Zeus

How to install USB debugger driver (.pdf, 77kb)

Moorebot Zeus Programming Software (.rar, 1.74mb)

Moorebot Zeus Out-of-box Programs (.rar, 15kb)

Moorebot Zeus USB Driver  (.rar, 1.79mb)

Moorebot Zeus Servomotor Debugging Software (.rar, 335kb)