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1. In which countries is Hugo available?

Hugo is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

2. What languages does Hugo support?

Hugo is currently an English robot. We're working release multi-languages including, Spanish, German, Japanese, French and more.

3. What's your return policy?

We accept returns within 30 days after you receive the product. Please refer to company post-sales policy at

4. What's Hugo's warranty?

Hugo is covered by a 12-month warranty. Our warranty period begins on the date which your Hugo is shipped.

5. What's the shipping method?

We use UPS for North America. For elsewhere, we typically use DHL for fast and safe delivery. 

6. Why do I need App? Where to download?

Hugo App is required to set up the robot and pair with your Amazon account. The App is available at the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. 

7. How do I set up Hugo?

Hugo is a WiFi-connected device. The WiFi connection and quality are important for Hugo to work well. Please make sure that you start Hugo in close range of your WiFi router. To set it up, please follow the below procedure: i) Open the Hugo App, register with username and password, and confirm with your email address. ii) Turn on Hugo, wait until a voice prompt 

8. How come my Hugo doesn't connect to WiFi?

When Hugo doesn't have a WiFi connection, the power LED at the front will blink. Hugo only supports 2.4GHz WiFi band with DHCP. Some old WiFi protocols are not supported, such as WEP. Sometimes a WiFi router needs a reboot to allocate IP address properly. A simple way to let Hugo go online is to use a mobile phone with data service as a hot spot. Use QR code to tell Hugo the WiFi hot spot SSID and password. It should quickly get Hugo online. 

9. How do I reset Hugo?

There is one aperture at the very bottom of Hugo. Use a needle to long-press for 8 seconds, Hugo will reset to factory condition automatically. The process takes up to 2 minutes. Once reset, you need to set up WiFi and to pair Amazon account again.

10.  How to interact with Hugo?

Every time. 

11.  How to monitor through Hugo?

Use App to view the image up to 1080P quality. Hugo supports IPcam. It allows to you monitor home from anywhere in the world. Two-way voice over IP (VoIP) is also supported. 

12.  Does Huge has night vision?

Yes, Hugo has night vision. The IR light source is at the bottom of the robot with a black window. Please make sure that nothing blocks IR light for night usage. 

13.  What is face tracking?

When Hugo is talking, it looks at your face and follows you. 

14.  What is facial recognition?

Hugo has edge AI for facial recognition. It recognizes up to 500 persons locally, without sending any data outside your home. 

15.  How to add Hugo skill?

Simply add Hubble Hugo skill to your Amazon account. The Hugo skill enables you to further control the robot, such as close eye, record video. Here is an example of letting Hugo to take a photo of certain person:

16.  How is my privacy protected?

Your privacy is our top priority. A touch sensor on the top of the robot head allows you to disable microphones completely. Hugo has motorized eyelid to cover the camera. Only in voice interaction or IPcam mode, the eyelid will open up. No photo or video will be uploaded to any cloud server. 

17.  What is Moorebot Zeus Robot used for?

Moorebot Zeus Robot is a fighter robot specifically designed for robot competition. 

18.  How do I control Moorebot Zeus Robot?

Moorebot Zeus Robot is controlled via remote controller through bluetooth. For more information, do visit our YouTube channel: 

19. Is Moorebot Zeus Robot water-proof?


20. What is the operating temperature of Moorebot Zeus Robot?

-5~45°C (23~113℉) 

21. How long does the battery last?

On a full charge, the Moorebot Zeus Robot should last for around 50 minutes of playtime. 

22. How do I charge Moorebot Zeus Robot, and how long does it take?

Mooorebot Zeus Robot is charged with a standard power adapter(100~240V), which is included in the package. The battery can reach a full charge again within 100 minutes. 

23. How do I know Moorebot Zeus Robot is in low battery and requires recharged?

When Moorebot Zeus Robot shakes its head left and right, you should recharge the robot. While charging, the light will be red. Charging is complete when the green light turns on. 

24. Can I replace the battery of Moorebot Zeus Robot?

Yes, but only battery provided by Moorebot Zeus is suggested. 

25. Failed to configure the parameters on Robot Servomotor Debugging Software page.

1. Ensure the servo motor is powered by battery.

2. Ensure the USB debugger is switched on SERVO MOTOR MODE.

3. Ensure the USB debugger is properly plugged in computer and correct PORT is chosen on Robot Servomotor Debugging Software page. For more information, do visit our YouTube channel: 

26. Failed to stand up after the robot is turned on. What should I do?

1. Check the ID of servo motors and ensure they are assembled in position.

2. Ensure the steering gear is correctly plugged in the computer.

3. Ensure the servo motors are in correct angles by connecting the robot with USB debugger and clicking Reset Servo button on programming software page. 

27. How to turn on Moorebot Zeus Robot?

Press the power button on the back of Moorebot Zeus Robot. 

28. What is the shipping weight of Moorebot Zeus Robot?

7.5kg (16.5 pounds) 

29. How to know the servo motor is connected correctly?

Ensure servo motors rolls while sliding the position button on servo motor debugging software page. For more information, do visit our YouTube channel: 

30. How to configure/change the ID of servo motor?

Connect the robot with computer through USB debugger. Open the programming software and change the ID number on the page. For more information, do visit our YouTube channel: 

31. Some parts fail to perform actions after the robot is turned on. What should I do?

1. If there are some parts become loose or fall off, please ensure the cabling is correct and non damaged.

2. If the servo motor makes a strange “Click Click” sound, change the servo motor. For more information, do visit our YouTube channel: 

32. The saved movements cannot be downloaded into the programming software. What should I do?

1. Ensure the robot is on.

2. Ensure the USB debugger is switched on ROBOT MODE.

3. Ensure the USB debugger is properly plugged in computer and correct PORT is chosen on programming software page.

4. Ensure the robot moves while clicking Reset Servo button on programming software page. And then click Initial Pose button. For more information, do visit our YouTube channel: