What is Scout? 
Scout is an autonomous mobile robot with four-wheel drive and mecanum wheels that lets you monitor, discover, and explore the world around you.  
Does Scout require WiFi? 
Yes. Scout support both WiFi direct and AP mode. In WiFi direct mode, user may connect directly to Scout with mobile phones. In AP mode, Scout connects to your home router as an IoT device. 
What are the main functions of Scout? 
Scout as a consumer-grade autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that can also serve as an moving IP camera. Scout can be programmed to automatically patrol an area, transmitting video and images to the user’s phone and mobile devices. Scout’s batteries can last for about two hours of active use. As it nears running out of power, it always goes back to its charging port.
Scout also supports Scratch Language for programing additional functionality and for learning simple programing skills for STEM education. Advanced developers can excute C/C++ programs on Scout. More extension tools can be designed as add-on skills to the robot. Much more can be done on this platform. 
What are the AI features of Scout? 
Scout runs on Linux + ROS. It can recognize objects such as human body, pets and more with Google's TensorFlow. It also runs Monocular SLAM algorithm in order to achieve autonomous patrol and to find its own charging port. 
Does Scout connect to Alexa or Google Home? 
Yes. Scout is compliant with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can expect to stream Scout's visual to Alexa Show, Spot, and Google screen devices, to send voice commands to control the robot movement, and to trigger patrol with smart home devices such as door sensor. Pairing can be done in Android and iOS App from Alexa and Google home. 
Why do I need an App? Where to download?
Scout App is required to set up the robot and pair with your Amazon and Google account. The App is available at the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. 
How do I set up Scout?
Scout is a WiFi-connected device. The WiFi connection and quality are important for Scout to work well. To set it up, please follow the below procedure:
    i) Open the Scout App, register with username and password, and confirm with your email address. 
    ii) Turn on Scout and wait until the LED stops blinking. Out of factory condition, the Scout is set to WiFi direct mode. 
    iii) Use mobile phone to connect directly to Scout, and send your home WiFi SSID and password to Scout. Once connected you can control the robot and view its video image on the phone and other mobile devices. 
    iv) Press the WiFi button and switch Scout to WiFi AP mode. Scout will automatically connect to your home WiFi and become online. Scout supports dual-band, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 
How do I reset Scout?
There is one aperture at the very back of Scout. Use a needle to long-press for 8 seconds, Scout will reset to factory condition automatically. The process takes up to 2 minutes. Once reset, you need to set up WiFi and to pair Amazon account again. 
How to monitor through Scout?
Use the Moorebot Scout App to view the image up to 1080P quality. Scout supports  most of the IP camera features. It allows to you monitor home from anywhere in the world. Two-way voice is also supported. Both Android and iOS App are available.
Does Scout support motion detect? 
Yes. Scout supports most of the IP camera features. Motion detect is available when Scout is in its charging station. 
Does Scout support sound detect?
Yes. Scout can start recording based on sound detect. 
What is the view angle of Scout? 
Scout has 120 degree camera with 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution. The orientation is landscape. The camera uptilts 18 degree and expects to see a full body around one meter distance.
Can I save Scout videos? 
Yes. Scout's video can be saved to the on-board flash. During patrol, if the event is triggered, such as human body or pets are detected, the 13 second video clip can be saved to cloud server if cloud storage service is available.. 
Does Scout have night vision?
Yes, Scout has night vision. The IR light source is at the front row of the robot. Please make sure that nothing blocks IR light for night usage. 
What is Scout's AI-based recognition?
Scout can recognize many objects. In the current version, only human body and pet detections are open to users. 
How to add Scout Alexa skill? 
Simply add Moorebot Scout skill to your Amazon account. The Moorebot Scout skill enables you to further control the robot, such as move around, record video. 
Does Scout have Microphone and Speaker?
Yes. Scout has microphone in the front and 1W speaker in the back. The microphone can be disabled in the App for privacy reasons.
How to set up patrol path? 
Go to the patrol path setup in the App. Control Scout to move along a desired path.  During this time, a path is shown in the App.  Name this patrol path and let Scout to patrol autonomously along this path.  If interests are detected, such as human body or pets, Scout would alert, record 13 second video, and store the clip on cloud server. 
What is Scout's top speed? 
Scout can move up to 2km/hr speed. 
What is the maximum obstacle that Scout can cross?
The maximum height of obstacles to cross is 15mm. 
What is the maximum slope that Scout can climb?
The maximum slope to climb is 25 degrees. 
How long can battery last?
Once fully charged, the battery can last over two hours without nightvision.  
What is Scratch?
Scratch is a graphic programming language. It is suitable for entry level programmer. Scout supports Scratch and STEM education. You can explore and let Scout to do more with customized programming. 
How is my privacy protected?
Your privacy is our top priority. Scout's streaming video is based TUTK's Peer-to-peer connection. This is the most secure P2P link. If user uses Scout as IoT device (always connected), the microphone and the camera can be disabled in the App. The camera can have physical blinder to cover it. 
In which countries is Scout available?
Scout is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. 
What's your return policy?
We accept returns within 30 days after you receive the product. Please refer to company post-sales policy at https://www.moorebot.com/p/en/afersalepolicy.do.
What's Scout's warranty?
Hugo is covered by a 12-month warranty. Our warranty period begins on the date which your product is received.